2020 So Far, A Brag Doc

Mon, Jul 13, 2020 4-minute read

Brag Documents

A reminder to yourself to review what you’ve done this year. Catalogue your wins and reinforce good behaviour.

2020 In Review

Here is what I have to brag about in 2020 so far:


I have developed, integrated or otherwise taken the following technologies beyond “beginner”, or enhanced these skills with the following examples.

  • Angular

    • Gone from knowing zero Angular to being the lead (sole) developer UI developer in a complex microservices application.
    • Lead the UI redesign including initial mock up and wireframes
    • Produced the scope of work within sprints
    • On boarded another UI developer and helped other experienced member re familiarise themselves with the code base
    • Deployed the redesign to production
  • Vue.js

    • Built two separate web application with vue, both using Typescript
    • Both integrated into Python application backend’s using FastAPI
  • Ansible

    • Identified that creating the infrastructure for deployments is tedious, error prone and not easily repeatable made learning ansible a high priority.
    • Successfully created a playbook to create a consistent deploy environment for side projects;
      • update server security and packages
      • install load balancer
      • ensure small servers have sufficient swap space (to compile javascript)
      • git operations on private and public repositories
      • encrypt secrets using vault
      • development with Vagrant and live instances
  • Flask

    • Developed a bespoke application which could interface with other custom devices on a large network
    • Utilised plain javascript and server side rendered templates to create a UX that users found more familiar than the tool it replaced
    • Integrated stripe into Flask
    • Used a third party websockets service to facilitate realtime chat between users
  • FastAPI

    • Deployed two application with the framework, replacing it with Flask in one instance
  • Docker (and swarm)

    • Went from having a rudimentary understanding to being able to create detailed docker-compose files and deploy to a swarm
    • Now use docker as my development environment
    • All side projects have been ported to swarm with load balancing and HTTPS included
    • Utilised kubernetes for a short notice project and learnt the basics of the platform


  • Leadership
    • Lead the UI design and implementation after being assigned to short staffed, over worked close knit team on a complex microservice architecture.
    • Integrated well with the team and was able to provide subject matter expertise in Angular within a short period of time
    • Became the lead developer of another project requiring the integration of two systems (both in python) requiring facilitation of planning and design sessions between the teams
    • Speaking role in presentations selling our new product to senior management, including live demonstration of our MVP
  • Design
    • High-level planning sessions for the integration of two platforms
    • Mock up and wireframing the UI for another team’s platform
  • CI/CD
    • From being relatively inexperienced in CI/CD to developing pipelines for projects ranging from established to newly created
    • Learnt how to establish shell and docker runners in using Gitlab and AWS
    • Created segregated pipelines for separate deploys based on tags
    • Successfully integrated Github actions in all side project web applications, including deployment of containers to docker swarm
  • Bash | Shell scripting
    • Took over established and complicated deployment shell scripts for production assets
    • Learnt a lot about debugging leading to the identification of several fixes resulting in the eradication of pipelines passing when they should have failed


  • Deployed lic-investing.online
    • An Australian financial web application which visually shows whether certain stocks are trading at a premium or discount.
    • Uses FastAPI and Vue.js
    • Scrapes web resources using various techniques to gather the data, this includes punting that raw data into Postgres.
  • Deployed check-redirects.com
    • Provides a service for tracing the redirection chain of a URL including status codes and response headers.
    • Includes an API for third parties
    • Built using FastAPI and Vue.js
  • Replaced a rotting internal legacy tool with a web application:
    • Took an internal tool which was not being actively maintained and replaced it with Flask.
      • The tool needed to be either fixed or replaced to meet a looming deadline and our team was assigned to aid in unblocking the task
      • I first attempted to learn the code base and improve upon the design, however there were several critical issues which were cost prohibitive
      • After proposing a porting of the tool into a web application the design, implementation and handover of the task was completed in four weeks
      • This lead to the successful redeployment of a much needed tool, ultimately saving future development resources by rewriting it with a framework almost all developers in the organisation are familiar with.

After writing all this, its plain to see that I have achieved more than I realised.

The value in taking the time to write out what you have achieved over a period of time cannot be under estimated.

I did this in one sitting, unrefined and (mostly) unedited. This is for you to look back on and polish later when you need it.

what gets measured, gets managed. - Peter Drucker

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