TIL: Interview Questions Worth Thinking About

Fri, Mar 11, 2022 2-minute read

Interview Questions Worth Considering

Today I stumbled across a job advert that had a section called The Chat. Here is the snippet of things they might ask you about during the interview.

  1. Language: Why? What do you like and dislike about it?
  2. Domain Modelling: What’s it good for?
  3. Databases - Querying and Transactions: what makes them challenging?
  4. API Design: What’s taken into consideration?
  5. Application Architecture: Microservices, monoliths, event-driven, app servers and serverless; when and why?
  6. Testing and Code Quality: Where and how does it add value?
  7. SCM: Branching and merging flows - how do you like them?
  8. Logging, Metrics, and Monitoring: What’s the difference?
  9. Error handling and Debugging: Describe your process and what’s got you stuck in the past?
  10. SDLC and CI/CD: Benefits and downfalls?
  11. Security: What does that mean to you?

I like this because I immediately get the sense that this company is thinking about these issues, and potentially looking to see how you could fit in.

Most importantly, I realised that some of these points where weak spots, or rather I would need to collect my thoughts to answer effectively. How much of what I know is based on previous training/conditioning versus good practices. There is no right or wrong but having a well thought out response to these questions is valuable - not just in an interview but at any time.

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