Ballbag quote of the day

Wed, Sep 21, 2022 2-minute read

Ballbag quote of the day

A question posted on a Slack I am in:

Question - on behalf of one of my students - does working in IT for a defence company (think one of the defence contractors out Williamtown) look “bad” on your resume in the long term considering defence is a “touchy” subject ? I’ve never heard of such a thing, but have had it suggested to me. What are the thoughts of the group ?

This response absolutely got me raging.

Interesting conversation. There’s no one answer and it depends on the person and the specifics of the defense role. I’d be curious about what they did and why they left and ethics would be part of that. It’s not a blanket no - for sure. People can change. Some ex-bankers even turn out ok. BUT I am surprised at the number of people here that seem to think what a person can offer is always far more important than the type of human they are. And often (not exclusively) that’s reflected in choices they’ve made including who they are willing to work for. (edited) Short answer - it should probably be a flag to learn more about the individual and their ethics

What an absolute dickhead way of thinking about someones choice of employer. This kind of idiot probably thinks working for Google or Facebook is ethical. I’m literally at a loss that someone could think this way, honestly I’d hate to work with this kind of moron. He’d hate the fact that I’ve fought in two wars for my country and also worked in defence industry. I can only imagine what he thinks I am based on what this opinion.

Honestly, I’m fuming and this kind of thinking makes you lose faith in people as a collective.