Cheatsheet: psql and pg_dump

Sat, May 7, 2022 One-minute read

Cheatsheet: psql and pg_dump

In my day job I use MariaDB so I often forget the syntax for Postgres and I’m trying not to leverage graphical DB explorers as often. When jumping on to containers from a k8s orchestration platform, you don’t often have access to anything but the CLI.



In the container: psql -U <username> -d <database> On local host to db: psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U dbuser -d db

Not specifying the database will cause an error, unlike MariaDB which just wants a username and password.

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\d <table-name>

Dump DB into File:

pg_dump -U <user> -d <database> >> sqldump.sql then run docker cp if its inside a container.

Restore DB from file:

psql -f sqlfile.sql -U dbuser -p 5432 -h localhost -d db

**Install psql without Postgres

sudo apt install postgresql-client

Still stuck?

Instead of reaching for google, run curl it is fantastic.


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