Contract time countdown and hours remaining

Tue, Oct 11, 2022 2-minute read

Contract time countdown and hours remaining

I am useless and tracking my remaining hours for my contract year. Typically, I do my timesheets at the end of the month which isn’t helpful for forecasting how many hours I need to do over the course of the month to keep pace with my contract. I would also like a way to see how many hours I could achieve in a month and/or how many I need to do per day to achieve a set number, such as 160.

Example 1: Remaining hours in contract

This would calculate how many hours I have done since contract start date until today and then output how many I have remaining

Example 2: Given a target output how I have remaining for the month

Subtract hours done from target each day, returning a mean for each working day remaining in the month.

I think this could be achieved via my current timesheet accounting app. I can export the database each day and upload it to the cloud. A cron could fire and do all the calculations. A daily email, or notification could be sent with the figures presented.

Extra bonus: apply the timesheet data into my official excell spreadsheet which I need to submit to management each month. This is a timesink I could easily automate.


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