Developer Experience is Everything

Wed, May 11, 2022 One-minute read

Developer Experience is Everything

In my day job, our development velocity is a crawl. One year ago we were a high performing team knocking out updates and smashing sprints. Today, due to corporate desire to streamlime multiple development teams we are effectively useless. They wasted millions of dollars building a system which will never meet our needs - it literally can’t. The sad part? The new platform is actually really slick (OpenShift).

For any future job, developer experience must be spoken about during the interview. It’s a tough thing to do because everyone lies during interviews or they don’t talk about it because of non-disclosure. I.e. everything is falling apart but we need to bluff this bloke in to taking this code monkey job, and for cheap.

If you cannot develop on your machine (either on device or remotely into container etc) and see your changes in real-time, the developer environment is broken. The business will atrophy good developers because of it, meaning the people who can fix it will leave. Life is far too short for that sort of corporate bullshit.


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