Go template iterators

Fri, Jun 10, 2022 One-minute read

Go template iterators

How to use Go templates range and $.


This loops over the length of a struct setting the dot value to element being looped over.

type Example struct {
  Id string
  Name string

{{ range Example }}
ID: {{.Id}} & Name: {{.Name}}

If you need to access a value via the . notation and that value is outside the current iteration, you need to use $..

// example 
// range over an Item struct to build a URL
{{range .Items}}
// the $ is required so that the template can inspect global state
// not just the current iteration. Item does not have a .Container.ID 
// field and will fail without $
<a href="/containers/{{$.Container.ID}}/items/{{.ID}}">url</a>


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