Initial Zettelkasten

Tue, Apr 26, 2022 One-minute read

Initial Zettelkasten

This marks the very first Zettelkasten entry in this repo. To do this I’ve created my own Zet tool called zet-cmd written in Golang. It uses Bonzai by rwxrob and is heavily inspired by his own zet repo.

I needed a way to capture small, digestible nuggets of wisdom and other thoughts or learnings in a manner that let’s me do it without needing a full blog post. It also needs to be searchable publicly and using GitHub makes that pretty simple.

So far zet-cmd can:

  • Create new Zet’s
  • Edit existing ones
  • Search across all Zet’s
  • Generate a url with a search term for the repo on GitHub
  • Retrieve the latest zet for easier editing

In the future more commands will be added which make life easier. More helper commands to make piping data into Vim will be added in the future.

Some example usages:

Creating a search query with zet q "search term" would return:


#zettelkasten #golang #bonzai #rwxrob