inlets troubleshooting

Mon, Nov 14, 2022 One-minute read

inlets troubleshooting troubleshooting.

So far, I’ve had some issues getting to work out of the box. I think this mostly comes down to the documentation drifting out of sync with the project.

inletsctl create \
--access-token-file ~/.doctl-token \
--provider digitalocean \
--region sgp1 \
--letsencrypt-domain \
--letsencrypt-domain \
--letsencrypt-domain \

Sometimes this doesn’t work. So to get it working, I jump on the host. For DO the password is emailed when you create the host (which the above step does for you).

vim /etc/default/inlets-pro
# add any extra domains with --letsencrypt-domain <sub>.<domain>.<tld>
# after the DOMAINS=

The documentation states its, but this does not seem to work.

systemctl restart inlets-pro and see if the process has started correctly. It can take time to get the cert from Let’s Encrypt.

If this isn’t working, try changing /etc/default/inlets-pro ISSUER from prod to staging and restart the service. This should connect and if so, you know its a Let’s Encrypt issue. Potentially the IP has been temporarily rate limited, or the DNS entry does not exist so it cannot do a HTTP01 interrogation


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