Job tasks I do these days

Mon, Sep 26, 2022 One-minute read

Job tasks I do these days

A list of all the types of things I am doing in my day job, and in my own time.

  • CI/CD
    • gitlab pipelines
    • GitLab API access to cross system boundaries with runners in different tenancies (no access outside certain operations)
    • Pipeline maintenance
  • Kubernetes
    • Building applications for kubernetes
      • Using non-greedy operations because scaling horizontally is better
    • Administering production and staging clusters
    • Administering user access and control for the team
    • Fixing bad deployments and broken helm charts
    • Attempting to transition the environment over to ArgoCD (we have little oversight when things drift)
    • Stood up and introduced k3s to the team
      • we now run k3s locally with verified fakes for our third party API’s
  • Bash Scripting
    • I use Bash for so many things and feel like I’m getting decent at it
  • Python
    • I code review major deployments
    • I write python most days using Rabbit and websocket backends
  • Golang
    • Fairly competent having written a large code base entirely in it
    • Reach for it instead of python for CLI or automations which bash isn’t suitable for
    • Experienced somewhat in writing gRPC code for Go


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