kubernetes ingress and metallb

Thu, Sep 1, 2022 One-minute read

kubernetes ingress and metallb

For my homelab, I’m teaching myself how to setup a bare metal cluster using k3s, nginx-ingress and metallb. It’s show soo many holes in my knowledge and understanding of k8s. When you work on established systems such as OpenShift at your day job, you take for granted all the things it does for you.

I misunderstand Ingress vs Services

At work, we use Ingress and NodePorts to allow traffic to our applications and I thought I understood it. But, now that I’m throwing Metallb into the mix, I clearly don’t.

My understanding at the minute

  1. Create a metallb static IP for my nginx-ingress
  2. Define a Service for my app
  3. Use the container port on the Ingress and set a host
  4. Create a DNS host override in pfSense
  5. Use the metallb static IP of the nginx-ingress service for all the hostnames
  6. ‘argocd.home.labandtekton.home.labmap to192.168.20.199` and nginx will resolve it

So far that works. It took me a long time to figure that out and this is just for the LAN. Exposing applications later will be another thing I likely misunderstand.


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