Mudmap: installer fixes

Fri, Nov 25, 2022 One-minute read

Mudmap: installer fixes

This week I’ve been working on fixing Mudmap’s installer.

I’ve done the math and nearly 50% of installs have failed inexplicitly in the last 3 months. For users which installation worked without issue they’re happy and never complain. Obviously, the inverse has a lot of complaints. I am no closer to diagnosing exactly what causes this. A consistent (>60%) of failures trigger at the user account install step.

Given this I am exploring that step in detail but also changing the way the installer is handled on the front end. The error users receive just confuses them and that needs to go.

I’m also focusing on revert the device back to its pre-mudmap state with better consistency. This is important for users, and for future installs. To do this without storing users root password, I’ve elected to use an in memory data store - go-memdb - which is super lightweight and easy to understand.


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