Mudmap Org Register Proposed Flow

Mon, May 9, 2022 2-minute read

Mudmap Org Register Proposed Flow

The biggest issue I’ve come to experience with the new multi-account design is re-arranging how Users fit.

I’ve decided organisation is a better name than account or business.


  1. User signs ups (entered in DB)
  2. Org is created, User assigned to Org as Admin (Org name is
  3. Users are still tracked in DB using their user_id from Auth0
  4. Org’s will now get the Stripe sub_id (Not the User)
  5. User’s are added to Org’s by invitation
  6. User’s must accept the invite, triggering the move.
  7. Devices belong to Org’s
  8. All members of an Org can see Devices
  9. Existing devices will be moved to each User’s (new) Org
  10. Org delete will CASCADE

Everything is tracked in the database but “synced” with Auth0 using the Authorization Extension. This allows Mudmap to review a User’s access to an Org and Device (permissions are omitted for now) by inspecting the JWT. If the JWT has some limitation that I’ve not accounted for then each request will require a DB lookup. For latency reasons I’d prefer not to do that. If, that is the case it’s probably a prime reason to transition to Litestream (assuming replication is working well).

This is a ten thousand foot view and still needs a few things ironed out.


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