Mudmap sub-account overview

Sat, May 7, 2022 2-minute read

Mudmap sub-account overview

A rough idea of what this change should achieve.

  • organisation is has a collection of users
  • users has a relation to permissions
  • device belong to organisation, not users
  • Existing users’s must be attached to a organisation (probably by creating a organisation using the user.Name field as group.Name and adding them as a users to that group)
  • organisation owners can update organisation info
  • permissions should be a Many-to-Many. users can have many permissions and the same permission can belong to many users.
  • Auth0 should also be aware of users and organisation
  • Auth0 should also be aware of permissions
  • Auth0 should place permissions within the token (if possible)
  • Updates to the permisions table must also be reflected in Auth0
  • Updates to the organisation table must be reflected in Auth0

Next Steps

  1. Test assumptions with Auth0’s Authorization and Group tooling
  2. Create permissions and organisation table
  3. Update users table to have relation with organisation
  4. Create change devices relation from users to organisation
  5. Write sync methods so that the DB and Auth0 remain in sync
  6. Middleware for checking a user can access a device based on JWT token fields

This is a decent sized change with a few moving parts. I can possibly remove the Auth0 lock-in but I see no good way of doing this without forcing a DB lookup for each request (check permission and group). If I use Auth0 I can hopefully keep it sync’d with the DB and embed that data in the app_metadata field of the token. A assumption I need to test fully before too much investment in code.



I’ve added app_metadata to the JWT. This can now be plucked off on the backend.

Its possible to use M2M API key to make changes to the Group, Permissions and Roles of Users and organisation. However, the free-tier only gives you 1000 calls per month (from what I can tell)

API Docs: Getting a token:

Some calls examples:

# get all groups
curlie<URL>/api/groups -H "authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>"


    "groups": [
            "_id": "8931fb3a-8163-4c8a-8534-b5cc43381172",
            "name": "Test-Group",
            "description": "For Testing Only",
            "members": [
            "mappings": [

            "description": "test-description",
            "name": "new-test",
            "_id": "0fdf83fe-32db-463c-b362-4e29c0817781",
            "mappings": [

            "members": [

    "total": 2


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