Nomad Homelab

Thu, Nov 3, 2022 One-minute read

Nomad Homelab

I use kubernetes at work as a developer and as a maintainer. This includes OpenShift and k3s. For big org’s or teams this is great but I am starting to come around to the idea that it’s too much for us. Perhaps Nomad is a better more easy to administer solution.

Things I am interested in about Nomad:

  • qemu driver and docker driver
  • HCL (we use HCL for packer and terraform already)
  • Simpler, single binary setup
  • Native integration into Vault
  • Service discovery in-built (or can use Consul)
  • Great UI

Things I’ll miss:

  • Terminal interface like k9s (thouse damon exists as a Nomad version)
  • K8s ecosystem
  • Much less internet documentation
  • More work to get some apps going (compared to the plethora of helm charts out there)

What I worry about (for org, not pers use):

  • Enterprise paywall

Over this holidays I will be bringing up my own cluster to play around with.


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