Performance review notes Q1 2022

Sat, Jun 18, 2022 One-minute read

Performance review notes Q1 2022

Keeping track of my last performance review.

Skill Levels:

Level: 4

  • P4
  • S2
  • U3
  • H2


Dan has exceeded expectations. He is a high performing member whose contribution has been critical to the delivery of XXXX and XXX’s ability to meet its strategic objectives. He has, without doubt, developed and implemented complex programs that have achieved an excellently engineered result. He built the persistence functionality for XXXX and drove this essential requirement through to production. Additionally, he took over the development of another highly specialised software component for the project at short notice. He not only delivered the highly specialised features and integrations, but improved upon the original design.

Dan has consistently contributed to XXX’s software engineering processes and mentored members of XXX’s XXXX team in integrating and streamlining code to enable XXXX. He has taken on work to professionalise the XXX XXX structure and permissions. He has enabled a self-service process which automates the creation and launching of resources without the need for manual intervention by XXX staff. He has been responsible for running user acceptance testing and XXXX familiarisation sessions for stakeholders. Dan is a very resonpsive and valued member of XXX and an asset to the section.


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