Tue, Dec 13, 2022 One-minute read


Listening to a workmate talk about shooting MP5’s and other guns whilst at re:Invent in Vegas last week brought back fond memories.

He was talking about how wild it was shooting an MP5 on fully automatic.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting at my computer watching my Gitlab pipelines run thinking back to the last time I shot one. It was before breakfast on a random weekday down at the range practicing vehicle break contacts. We rolled up in the car to a (fake) checkpoint which had some drop head target dummies. On initiation I dropped a whole mag straight through a windscreen then made a fighting withdrawal throwing smoke, grenades and shooting off 40mm. The MP5k has some kick but it don’t matter too much when you trying to kill anything in front of you with it.

Fond memories from a life I used to lead and also took for granted. We truly lived most men’s dreams.

10/10 do not regret my time in the Regiment.


#sas #shooting #reminisce