WGD Fri 2022-04-29

Fri, Apr 29, 2022 2-minute read

WGD Fri 2022-04-29


I added some extra notifications, namely webhooks, whenever a user increments or decrements their device numbers in Stripe. I.e. when a payment intent is sent for a subscription.

Also, spent some time investigating firewall connection issues which a user notified me about. Ultimately, I could not replicate the issue. What they provided me works but I look forward to their response as it could be affecting other users as most don’t report issues.

I started mulling over the idea of switching to using HTTP, or providing it in addition to SSH for Mudmap connections. I understand that this means exposing the firewall’s user interface to the internet but it would be locked down to a few IP’s. Which is what happens with SSH currently - though SSH is more secure than a web server. Needs more thought but what makes this even more appealing is the API client I use is soon releasing a OpenAPI document so I should be able to auto-generate HTTP endpoints.


I integrated zet-cmd into ds and updated the underlying dependencies.


I have too many notebooks. My writings and scribbles go into a book and get lost, forever gone and never looked upon again. So I am kinda re-inventing the wheel yet again and trying something I have failed at before, taking my notes online.

So, I decieded to create a zettelkasten tool for cataloguing my various thoughts in a way that is publicly accessible. Unlike my blog which I tend to take a little more time curating, these entries should be more raw with less care for grammar or correctness.

And, because I’m a developer, I created a tool to do this. It uses bonzai to create a simple (easy to use for me) CLI tool for writing markdown files. This is written in my zet repo and copy pasted into What Got Done.

So far, zet-cmd can do the following:

  • create new zet’s
  • edit zet’s
  • search by title and tags
  • commit and push to GitHub


Work has been pretty interesting and fun this week. I’ve been pulling longer hours but the days have been good. A lot of k8s work which I really enjoy.