WGD Fri 2022-05-06

Fri, May 6, 2022 2-minute read

WGD Fri 2022-05-06

Preparing Mudmap for a big change and researching account grouping functionality.


Mudmap’s underlying API has seen a big update and I spent a fair chunk of time testing it to make sure no breaking changes are introduced.

I can now create a Go client from the openapi.json the API provides. But, I find the auto generated code that gets created really hard to follow. I guess that is the point, its a contract between the API and the client. Nonetheless, I’m not going to use the tools I’ve tried but instead just use it to influence how I build each endpoint.

Also, I started researching and thinking through how I am going to create an account hierarchy within Mudmap. Users want to have teams or groups with RBAC policies. Since I use Auth0 as my authentication provider, I am somewhat pigeon holed to use their methods. From what I can tell so far, their Organisations product is not what I want. It is also too expensive. Instead I am looking at creating some custom wrapping code to extend their groups extension with my own database. Research continues as there are some considerations such a latency here.

Updated Mudmap’s goreleaser builds to use 1.18 as I’ve started using some generics where it makes it easier to grok that piece of code.

Noticed that Mudmap has a very small memory leak somewhere. Over the course of a week the memory increases about 5mb which is nothing. Still, I hate that it is there but have decided put it on the backburner while I go after more critical items.


Wrote the April retrospective but haven’t published it yet. Still need to proof it and make sure the standard grammar issues are fixed up.

Released a number of small updates for my zet-cmd package. Really enjoying working on it and using it to catalogue my thoughts. People can freely read it which is fine but I feel zero regrets from the poor wording or brain spew that gets placed there.


Worked nearly 50 hours this week on a big deployment. It’s bloody frustrating working in the constrained environment I call work. Aside from that, it has been a good pairing with a much more senior engineer during the process.