WGD Fri 2022-05-13

Fri, May 13, 2022 2-minute read

WGD Fri 2022-05-13

This week has been all about research, proof-of-concept’s and database migrations.


My biggest customer has been asking for Mudmap to support multiple users under a single account. Last week, they really put a fire under my feet saying they need it, and won’t be pushing the rest of their devices onto the platform until its done. In terms of numbers, it equates to about a 900% increase in billable units. So, it is worth dropping everything else to make this a reality.

I spent this week testing my assumptions, writing documents (mostly fleshing out my ideas) and some of the migration files needed. This also includes the initial models files on the backend.


This week I pushed some updates and fixes to my zettelkasten CLI tool. I typically read the zet’s using vim but sometimes it is nice to format them to the terminal nicely instead. As a regular user of gh, I noticed their markdown renderer was quite beautiful. So, I looked through the go.mod and found the package by charmbracelet called glamour. The pull request was pretty simple. I also tidied up some things that after some use made zet-cmd feel unnatural.

Old friends

Also caught up with a mate I’ve not seen in a couple of years. Now that the travel restrictions are lifting, more and more people I know are filtering through Canberra. It was a great evening reminiscing.

Backups to Cloud

I had over 250GB of files which have been sitting on a single external HDD just waiting to get corrupted. I’ve wanted to push them to my cloud storage for a while but lacked a good way of doing a. This week I found rclone. What an easy and fool-proof experience. It took a couple of days to sync but was largely set and forget. It was cool showing my girlfriend GoPro video of use jumping out of planes into the ocean too. I did that stuff for nearly ten years and she still has really no idea of what I did day to day.