WGD Fri 2022-06-03

Fri, Jun 3, 2022 2-minute read

WGD Fri 2022-06-03


  • Refactored codebase to make better use of the internal package. 1
  • Started work on the frontend; Organisations and Users are now displayed in the settings pages. These pages are restricted according to the user privileges.
  • Added gzip supported middleware. I haven’t profiled it but the content size is significantly reduced.


Watched Top Gun 2. It’s an entertaining movie with some cool action shots. Definitely worth watching if you enjoyed the first one.

Saw a really cool idea whilst at bunnings over the weekend. Side note, I fixed my tallboys draw runners like a real man. It was a QR code system for notating what’s in storage containers. You slap a QR stick on it, scan it and add its contents to the web page.

As a developer, I immediately thought I could write that. Which, I actually might but as a self hosted open source project. You could deploy it to heroku or fly and never pay a cent. How often and how fast does something like this need to be, especially when you are the only user.

Also, I got to start on a Go project at work. It’s replacing a often used compliance tool which scans the contents of packages written in Java. The only caveat, it’s a side project and can’t get in the way of my day to day work. I’ll take it though as I get to work on an interesting problem in Go and get paid handsomely for it.


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