WGD Fri 2022-06-10

Wed, Jun 8, 2022 2-minute read

WGD Fri 2022-06-10


Work continues with the multi-account setup.

  • UI changes to the Settings page which is now broken into smaller subsections:
    • User
    • Organisation
    • Billing
    • Membership

Had some user reported errors which I suspect are being caused by sshguard being triggered. sshguard, as it sounds, is an application which blacklists SSH brute forcing. When users attempt to set their initial password wrong too many times, sshguard might be blacklisting Mudmap’s server IP addresses. This can lead to unexplained errors, things work then suddenly don’t but after a period time it resolves. I’ve added instructions to the the documentation with a fix, which entails whitelisting Mudmap’s IP’s from sshguard.

Also, I realise that I am having issues with devices more often than I like but have no metrics on potential issues. I have started investigating a way to log device details so I can determine if issues are more common for certain setup’s, say VM versus physical hardware.


Started on a project for cataloguing my many storage boxes and their contents using QR codes.

Its a pretty simple premise, instead of writing or using your memory, you’ll put a QR code on a storage container. The QR links to a page with a list of its contents including images for future reference. I’m writing it in Go using basic templates and a little bit of Alpine.js.

We’ve moved across three states and four homes in the last four years. Moving sucks but not knowing what’s in the many boxes we have laying around the garage sucks even more.

  • Scaffolded basic structure
  • Created database layer and migrations
  • Views for home and viewing containers done at a basic level
  • Templating and form helpers integrated into the Server struct

Authentication and session management is up next


  • Landed a new lease, moving in at the end of the month.
  • Bought a nice second hand car to replace our old one - makes getting to work a lot easier
  • Deployed my own PicoShare instance at share.danielms.site using fly.
  • Published May’s retro