WGD Sat 2022-05-28

Sat, May 28, 2022 2-minute read

WGD Sat 2022-05-28


  • Continuing the Mudmap Organisations feature
  • Migrating users to organisations is done
  • Users in the same organisation now share devices and can create, read, update, and delete devices.
  • Payment webhooks is still being ported over but is about half way done
  • Finished the Auth0 Management API client, allowing Mudmap to add to app_metadata fields. This allows Mudmap to store some data in the JWT which is then used in the request context.
  • Working race conditions where the Auth0 data is out of sync with the database, leaving mixed state. This only happens on state change, i.e. a user joins a new organisation.
  • Investigated why my logs have disappeared from New Relic. Nothing has changed on my end, so I suspect its Render not forwarding the application logs correctly. They appear to be coming through again - again, nothing changed on my end.
  • Still toying with the idea of ripping out Postgres for Litestream and have been researching and reading over the many HN threads about it lately. It works for tailscale, so it’ll probably work for this app.


  • Sold one of our cars this week, leaving us with only one until we can find a new one.
  • Getting kicked out of our rental because the owners are selling so we’re scrambling to find a new house within the next 6 weeks. Canberra rent has exploded so we’re looking at an extra ~100 per week for a comparable house.