goa (goland) API design is better than oapi-codegen

Mon, Dec 4, 2023 One-minute read

goa (goland) API design is better than oapi-codegen

I’m a weekend in switching from deepmap/oapi-codegen to <goa.design> and couldn’t be happier.

So far it ticks the boxes the oapi-codegen provided but is much simpler to implement.

It uses a DSL instead of writing the openapi.yaml file. This DSL generates openapi version 2 and 3. It also generates gRPC protobuf files. I find the DSL quite idiomatic to use and beautiful to look at - unlike yaml.

Using goa so far has been much smoother and more expressive. Not to mention it forces better architecture and abstractions from the get go. I typically use a “god” struct for my application. Instead goa uses a service orientated approach except it generates 80% of it for you. It’s the opinionated yet open framework Go lacks.

So far really happy. Early days but will be recommending it to everyone.


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