kagi.com is superior to google

Sat, Oct 14, 2023 One-minute read

kagi.com is superior to google

I am on the Kagi free plan and sparingly using my 100 free queries whenever I feel like google is failing me.

So far, its been 100% effective. The most recent failed google search:

  • cheap or free databases

Within the first fold are listicles, reddit posts and here’s the kicker, relevant search results!

Given the simplistic question you’d think google would nail this. Instead it contained both obvious paid adverts (scyallaDB - how is that cheap or free!!) and those dumb “comparison” sites which are just SEO traps; g2.com for instance.

Kagi is probably worth paying for and if it keeps smoking google like this, I’ll pay for it.

It’s hard to prove it but google searches are getting worse over time.


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