Laravel DX is incredible

Sun, Dec 17, 2023 One-minute read

Laravel DX is incredible

Today, on a whim, I ran through the laravel tutorial.

I know zero PHP so I didn’t understand some of the syntax but the developer experience is absolutely first rate.

If I were to choose between Django and Laravel I would definitely reach for Laravel first. I didn’t even get into all the add-ons yet and I’ll already blown away.

The PHP itself didn’t seem so bad; people bemoan it hard but on the surface it seems pretty decent.

Might knock up a little app in it over the holidays and see how the full dev->deployment cycle goes.

One thing that blew me away is sail. It lets you run laravel and all of its ecosystem from within docker. I initially tried setting up PHP but hit various roadblocks before I found sail. I removed all PHP components and installed sail (which is really just a bash script and docker container). After that all of laravel’s CLI tools where magically embedded into sail. I don’t know another framework/language which does this or does it this well.


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