Sourcegraph is awesome

Mon, Oct 2, 2023 One-minute read

Sourcegraph is awesome

I’ve yet to find a way to control my snippets. I tried but found it a little too finicky. It is a cool project but sometimes I need to capture more context than just a snippet. Like how does x fit into y and it might be several lines long or be across modules (Go specific here).

Sourcegraph lets me do that. I can just add my project and then search for a term and voila. It’s possible to navigate forward and backward through interfaces, methods and even commit history. It can do much more but that covers what I wanted so far. What I also like is that it runs on my Caprover instance and I can now login to it from anywhere. This is a cool feature as sometimes I’ll be dreaming up some idea and need to check something. Now I just login and search around from any computer, or phone.

Well worth checking out. Now I just need to convince my team we need it because searching around on GitLab when you have multiple microservices and you can’t remember which one does xyz is an absolute PITA.


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