Home server notes

Fri, Mar 29, 2024 One-minute read

Home server notes

Collecting issues that I hit along the way to bootstrapping my new proxmox homelab.


For a reverse proxy to work you need to override the PAPERLESS_URL variable. To update this, open /opt/paperless/paperless.conf in the LXC container.


Caddy doesn’t come with a convenient LXC container. Instead I created a ubuntu 22.04 VM and installed Caddy as a systemd unit. This makes saving the Caddyfile hard so I recommend saving the output once sorted and then configuring it to be API driven thereafter.

To make a server not request a HTTPS certificate automatically then use http:// in the server name block.

Proxmox Networking

Make sure IPv6 is set to Static and empty. If set to DHCP and your router doesn’t provide it boot times increase dramatically.

Set static IPv4, especially for Cloudflared LXC or /etc/resolv.conf will get the gateway instead of DNS server. The server will fail to connect to Cloudflare and /etc/resolv.conf will always be overwritten by DHCP.

Also make sure all services/VMs have a static IP so when the server reboots it doesn’t give new IPs rendering the proxy useless. Do this in the GUI and not in the service as it’ll be overwritten by cloud-init.


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